Digital Cinema Media

Digital Cinema MediaWhat other job would allow you to say that you sold on Star Wars one week and King Kong the next? Digital Cinema Media’s (DCM) strong, committed and enthusiastic workforce lead the way in the dynamic and demanding environment of cinema advertising sales.

DCM encourages and develops staff potential from the beginning. Not only do their recruitment practices ensure that they attract candidates from a wide base of applicants, they also closely monitor and enhance staff capability throughout their careers at DCM. In return, DCM expects commitment and passion from its staff. DCM is the market leader in cinema advertising, with some 66.7% market share, representing over 2,300 screens in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and 420 sites.

Major customers include ODEON, Cineworld, Empire, Picturehouse, IMAX and many independents.

If you are passionate about film and passionate about sales there’s no better place to develop your career.