Orange (was Wanadoo)

Wanadoo the UK’s number 1 ISP with 2.4 million customers and the number 1 European broadband provider became Orange in June 2006. Originally launched as Freeserve in 1998, they've worked hard to achieve and maintain their position as the UK's No.1 for the Internet. As part of the Orange group the opportunities for employees just got even better!

The thing that strikes you when you visit their offices is that it's an informal space, filled with a lively crowd. It's a stimulating and constantly changing environment.

Candidate selection and working practices are based on professionalism, innovation, teamwork, excellence and, above all, focus on customers.

The following benefits are enjoyed by all staff:

Bonuses: Bonus runs bi-annually and is based on both personal and company objectives.
Holiday: Everyone is entitled to 25 days and you can trade these up or down to take 20 days or up to 30 days as part of the Flex scheme.
Flex: Good deals with several benefits providers, including gym membership, health care, dental insurance and travel insurance. You can use your annual leave or salary to 'buy' these benefits.
Other services: Depending on the location, they can help you take care of things like ironing and dry-cleaning. There are also have regular visits from a masseuse and osteopath!
Great brand, great people. The kind of place you’d like to work?

If you are interested in finding out more about current opportunities with Orange please call one of our consultants on 0207 636 6777.