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Digital / Mobile / Video / Tech

It’s no secret that the ever-evolving digital sector has grown massively in recent years. Every day, whether we’re playing our favourite computer game, watching a video, or doing some online shopping, advertising is sent whizzing to our phone, desktop or tablet. And, it’s all targeted, monitored and measured too. Best of all, as this genuinely exciting medium continues to expand, so do the opportunities within it – which is great news for people setting out on, or developing their career.

Essentially, the digital sector can breaks down into four distinct areas. The first is Commercial – the people who go out and sell the advertising space. The second is Advertising Operations – they make sure the adverts that are sold appear in the right place at the right time. Then there are the Account Managers – their job is to produce reports on ad campaigns and deal with any problems or queries. Last but not least comes Programmatic – the use of software to purchase advertising as opposed to the traditional method. Don’t worry though, us humans still do the negotiating. We’re not being replaced – yet!

In short, there are plenty of roles to suit everyone – and the numbers and nature of these roles are set to increase as technology continues its relentless advance. That means the area you’ll get to work in will be purely down to your skillsets, ability and ambition.

Why not call one of our consultants today? They will happily explain in detail the options available to you and discuss any specific roles we currently have available.