How important is Trust in Recruitment?

So much of the country has been caught up this weekend in a huge issue; no not Brexit but who to believe Coleen Rooney or Rebekah Vardy? Trust is obviously a key component in any relationship, personal or business but the whole episode got me thinking about the impact it has on recruitment both internally and externally.

There is no question that the model we have employed at The Media Exchange has always depended a great deal on trust. Unusually for a recruitment business, we have always operated in a collaborative style with each of our consultants building a relationship with their individual candidates and sharing their strengths and requirements with their colleagues. Separately, each consultant builds a relationship with their clients, working hard to understand their specific needs and sharing the various cultural requirements and nuances with the team.

There is no question that by working as part of a team you learn to trust and value your colleagues’ judgment and give all candidates a better chance of securing top roles. Most importantly the trust that you build by working closely and on an ongoing basis with clients, enables a wider pool of candidates to be considered.

Focusing on this area has most definitely enabled us to sustain our business and work with an amazing array of clients and candidates over the years.

Let’s hope that Coleen and Rebekah overcome their differences and rebuild their relationship and be grateful that neither Jamie Vardy nor Wayne Rooney are key member of the current England team as I suspect the impact would be a nightmare!