Pre or Post Job Hunt Debate

With Halloween and Firework night over, the shops are rapidly filling with Christmas goodies and the annual debate around looking for a new role at this time of year begins!

So should you do it?

Most definitely yes, but you need to be totally committed – let me explain.

Contrary to popular opinion we have loads of vacancies. Many of our clients are keen to register their vacancies this side of Christmas when they have time to really brief well and talk things through. Whilst they don’t all plan to interview before the New Year many of them will be only too delighted to meet with good people ASAP, giving you a serious head start before the New Year rush.

But as with anything there are pitfalls. Every year throughout December, I forget just how many interviews we set up and confirm, that get cancelled. Let’s face it media people love to party and Christmas is a great excuse, with the season starting earlier and earlier every year. Handling an interview with a hangover is never a good idea but anticipating the hangover is always tricky – hence the cancellations!

In short, if you are keen, committed and can avoid the post party issues, you will definitely get ahead of the rest and land a great new role for 2020. So don’t wait – sort out your CV and send it over to us before the mince pies and Prosecco take over!!

Jo Wood