Monday Thoughts with Jo Wood

Just reflecting on last week’s anniversary celebration, 140 people liked and commented on my post. Scrolling down the list, as you do, it was humbling to note so many people in big roles within media that had noticed what I had written. More importantly, most of them are people I have known for years, worked with as both candidates and clients and watched as they developed some of the most exciting careers in media. They have been supportive and helpful throughout. We have chatted, had lunch, and evaluated the changes in media throughout!

Which led me to wonder – could I have built those kinds of relationships in the current world? How would I have built the trust, confidence, and real relationships over Zoom or similar? It’s those relationships that have enabled The Media Exchange to thrive in good times and more challenging circumstances. How are today’s media people going to achieve the same? Will they have the kind of interdependent relationships that has made media so exciting and such a fab environment to work in?

What do you think? Has WFH changed the landscape for good or bad?

Anyway, whatever I think most of our roles are now hybrid working – do have a look at our website for this week’s new offerings – all roles as ever are live and need great people, like you now!!

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