A Catch Up With Jo Wood

I don’t normally comment on anything political but watching Rishi Sunak on his first day at work made me think about what it must really feel like to start your first day in the public spotlight, need to appoint your whole team in 24hours and knowing that a significant number of people hope you fail, before you even start!! Quite a challenge!!

Fortunately, first days in media are usually not like that!!! I’m sure that everyone feels a bit outside their comfort zone – adrenaline and excitement usually carry you through – and of course the assumption that everyone wants you to do well.

So whilst starting in a new role can be daunting it can also give you the opportunity to build on your skills to date, take on new responsibilities and generally kick start your career.

Despite the news – we have loads of roles at all levels and would love to help you. Your first day won’t be like Rishi’s but it will be incredibly exciting!!

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